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As laser technology has become more commonplace, it has also become more affordable. As a result, there are a far wider number of individuals and businesses fabricating products using laser machining. Anyone interested in learning about laser engraving applications for small businesses and home craftsmen can read on to get some ideas that will help them get started.

Sign Engraving

Using a laser engraver to create custom signs is one easy way to get a small business started. It’s a good idea to choose a specialization, such as office and door signs, trophies, dog tags, or plaques. Many small business owners choose to create custom-engraved signs for clients.


Engraved Gifts

Artists can use laser machines to fabricate custom gifts. All that’s required is a great idea and a basic knowledge of the graphics software interface to create custom-designed magnets, glasses, picture frames, key chains, plates, mugs, and more. When it comes to laser engraving ideas, engraving custom artwork onto everyday objects as a means of fabricating value-added products is one of the easiest ways for artists to create and mass-produce products.

Leather Engraving

Leathercrafting has a long and storied history among hand craftsmen, but fabricating leather products by hand requires far more time and specialized knowledge than most artists can devote. Engraving leather using a laser machine, on the other hand, is as simple as learning the basic graphics interface and going from there. These leather products can either be mass-produced or they can be custom fabricated according to clients’ unique design specifications.

Photo Etching

Laser engraving machines allow professional photographers the means of fabricating unique products featuring etchings of their own photographs out of a wide variety of materials. Using laser engraving software, these photos can be rasterized onto the select material using an inexpensive CO2 laser, allowing photographers to create their own custom wood and stone carvings, ceramic etchings, and more. Grayscale images can be engraved using three-dimensional shading to create incredibly high-quality reproductions with a surprising amount of detail.

Common Materials

But what can you laser engrave with a laser engraver? CO2 lasers are capable of engraving everything from fabric to wood, glass, plastics, and even some types of non-reflective metal. Those who are more interested in metalworking should, however, consider purchasing a fiber laser instead, as its different wavelength will allow it to process reflective materials such as steel, aluminum, nickel-chromium alloys, and other types of reflective metal.

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